What is "Children of Nepal"?

Children of Nepal was established in 1996 in association with The Rudolf Steiner Foundation (now known as RSF Social Finance) to provide education and support to Nepalese children.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is estimated that 20 million Nepalis will be living in absolute poverty by the year 2010.

Children of Nepal's mission is to provide Nepalese children with a positive, nurturing, and stimulating environment in their early years. Such care and education is considered critical in building a sense of safety and a foundation of opportunity for these at-risk children.

The organization's first project was to create a kindergarten in a children's home in Kathmandu. Children of Nepal trained staff in teaching and management, and in 1999, the project was handed over to the kindergarten's Nepalese staff. In 2000, Children of Nepal established the Tashi Waldorf School in an area on the outskirts of Kathmandu. As of May 2008, there are 124 children attending the school in a nursery, three kindergartens and classes 1 through 3.

iRingPro is proud to play a small role in supporting the Children of Nepal. Starting January 1, 2009 iRingPro will donate a portion of every sale to the Children of Nepal. If you are interested in donating further, or learning more about the organization and it's efforts, we encourage you to visit their site for information and instruction either in general support, or child sponsorship:

Children of Nepal Home Page

Donate directly to Children of Nepal

Other ways you can help

As a buyer of an iRingPro collection, will I ever get more ringtones?

We are constantly on the lookout for ways we can improve a collection. Case in point, based on user feedback, we have enhanced the audio quality of the original Zen Collection, and have added several brand new ringtones to the collection as well. This improved collection is titled "Zen 2" and is available to customers of the original as a free upgrade.

So while we have no set schedule of updates or additions, we promise that any changes we make to a collection you have previously purchased will be FREE to you.

If you have purchased the original Zen Collection, and would like to upgrade for free, please locate your original receipt (you will be asked for information to validate your purchase) and Click Here.

Some of the Zen 2 Collection sounds are named after Japanese train lines, did you just go there and record them?

No. In fact none of the sounds in the Zen 2 Collection were recorded anywhere but in our studio, and to our knowledge, these are not actually J-Train chimes. Although we will admit to being hugely inspired by the use of sound in popular Japanese gadgets. In fact, the idea to name the sounds after J-Train lines came only after hearing the final, approved ringtones.

Further, there are admittedly only so many marks one can hit when you're using two to three notes. For example, we might just as well have named our JFK series "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window", but JFK sounded cooler to us.

Why are there only four previews?

There were a couple of factors led to our present stance on previewing. Primarily we had to strike a balance between ease of theft, and accurate representation of our product. As I am sure you will appreciate, it is painfully easy to steal any image or sound on the internet today. Anyone can do it, no matter what form of copy protection may be employed.

After a lot of consideration we concluded that a 'preview' is exactly that - an incomplete sampling of the content, not all of the content. Consider 30-second previews on iTunes, two-minute movie trailers, single-chapter book excerpts, and so on. In none of the aforementioned scenarios does the user ever receive the entirety of the content before purchasing. Rather, as customers we all make a leap of faith- based on the promise of the limited previews.

Since our sounds are so very short, there is no way we can provide a truncated version of every sound, so we had to choose entire sounds for previewing. Ultimately we did our best to select sample ringtones that reflect the aesthetics of the greater collection. Buyers of iRingPro Collections are not surprised by some "new" sound that is totally unlike anything heard in the preview. All the sounds share a common aesthetic quality.

If you like the previews and decide to purchase a collection, you will have many more sounds to choose from. If you don't care for the previews, then we are positive the Collection is not for you.

These Ringtones are designed for users who wish to project a professional attitude. Calm, unintrusive, sophisticated sounds that can go off in an important meeting or quiet environment without disrupting or causing stress. Something that - even after months of searching - we have not found elsewhere.

We continue to evaluate this subject, and may yet offer a different preview solution in the future.

Why don't you sell individual iRingPro ringtones for $.99 each, like Apple?

Every time a customer buys our product we pay transaction fees. These transaction fees alone make it impossible for a small company like ours to offer individual ringtones at a reasonable price point.

Instead, by bundling several ringtones together, we are able to afford the transaction costs, and offer our ringtones at less than half what iTunes charges per ringtone.

We continue to monitor the situation and may offer different pricing/quantity solutions in the future.

Can I assign iRingPro ringtones to other functions on my iPhone?

At this time Apple only enables custom ringtones to be assigned to:

- Incoming calls,
- Incoming calls from specific Contacts
- Timers, and
- Alarm Clocks (iRingPro ringers are terrific as alarm clock alerts - we recommend Zen 2's "JFK - Lo")

Unfortunately, Apple does not yet enable iPhone users to customize sounds for:

- SMS Text Messages,
- New VoiceMail,
- New E Mail,
- Sent E Mail,
- Calendar Alerts
- Lock Sounds or
- Keyboard clicks.

We continuously monitor the situation and will offer such information on our web site, should Apple change their policy regarding these customizations. We would love to see this be possible.

The previews on your site don't play for me, what gives?

We're sorry if you are having difficulty previewing the iRingPro Ringtone collection. Our previews require both Javascript and Flash. If either of these is disabled on your system, you may have difficulty accessing our previews.

Additionally, we use YouTube to host out ringtone previews, so if you are accessing our site from behind a corporate firewall, it is also possible that YouTube is simply being blocked. This would similarly limit your access to the preview page.

We hope this has not been too inconvenient for you.

Does my iPhone have to be jail-broken to use iRingPro iPhone Ringtones? No, absolutely not. This is a perfectly understandable question, however, as there has been so much media attention devoted to users who "jailbreak" or "hack" their iPhones.

We can assure you, that the easy installation of the iRingPro iPhone Ringtones is entirely legal and allowed by Apple. No such illegal or unauthorized jail-breaking activity of any sort is required to install and use our custom ringtones on iPhone, Original or 3G.

In fact, iPhone users have many options for customizing ringers on their phones. They can pay extra at the iTunes Store for the rights to assign popular music as ringtones, they can purchase and install legally originated third party custom ringtones (such as iRingPro's Professional Ringtones) or for those skilled in audio production, they can create their own using any of the legal audio software tools designed for the purpose.

Do you use any copy protection or DRM?

While we do not use any technology that restricts use or forces compliance with our license agreement, we do use a new, third-party digital fingerprinting system that is passive and non-disruptive. The system simply embeds a uniquely identifiable serial number into each audio file prior to downloading which can be used to identify an originating transaction through copying, format changes and compression.

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